Web advertising helps to sell more products and services each year than any other form of advertising and it’s because of one reason; it works. If you run a small business but haven’t yet fully bought to the idea of investing in tools and services like search engine marketing or social media, just take a look at the profits raked in by top brands and how much of it is directly attributed to online marketing. The success rate of some of these businesses will make anyone a believer in online advertising.

You can reach bigger audience

No matter what type of business you run, advertising online gives you more options to target your audience and customize the ads to suit individual tastes as a way to maximize impact and drive sales. It also minimizes costs and casts a wider net by expanding awareness for brands. Take a look at some advertising options for your business:

Using SEM

In order for any advertising campaign to work is has to incorporate more than one tool. It’s the same for internet advertising; it’s a combined effort. One of the tools you need on your campaign is search engine marketing. Everyone uses search engines to find products and services online so why not target specific users?

SEM ads are one way of reaching more consumers by buying ad space on search engines to reach more users. The good thing is you use a Pay-Per-Click package, which means only pay when someone clicks on the ad.

Facebook Ads

Some pundits think it’s a bad thing that Facebook knows so much about people; but for a business owner or an advertising campaign this is gold. Much of the website’s success is based on their ability to turn the information they have about users into one very effective ad platform and you can tap into this information reserve by setting up a custom Facebook ad for your brand. If you want to target teens, young adults or soccer moms, Facebook will give you a wider and more specific platform.

While at it you might want to check out promoted tweets on Twitter. It’s a simple way to expand both small and established brands.

Banner ads

Most companies use banner ads on popular websites as a way to pull in users and you can use them too. Banner ads are those big eye catching graphic blocks that appear on the side or bottom of certain websites. When clicked they take you to the advertiser’s website where you get more information about a product or service and are given more information on how to purchase it.

Expanding Your Business With Online Advertising

Expanding Your Business With Online Advertising

Why spend money on advertising?

Entrepreneurs understand the importance of raising awareness and generating leads. This is how online advertising differs from traditional advertising, and also why it’s better:

Volume: you can get thousands and possibly millions of people talking about your product by one Tweet, because of the high number of people using the internet.

It’s targeted: when using modern advertising platforms such as Google AdWords or social sites you can deliver the messages to specific audiences, therefore maximizing effect.

Call to action: you wont get a more actionable form of advertising anywhere. A single ad takes a person to your website which offers more information and gives them a platform to buy the product instantly. Try doing that on the newspaper.

Basically, online advertising takes your business to the consumer, showing them why they need your brand and making it easier for them to buy. It enhances the way you relate with customers and creates more opportunity for growth.