Good SEO can make your business grow to unimaginable heights, bad SEO can break your business; its just as clear as that. Still, a number of business owners often find themselves on the wrong side of the scale, completely unaware of how they landed there in the first place. Well, if you have been in the same boat or don’t wish to tread such grounds the following read is bound to provide you with some enlightening information.

Humans have a tendency of using good for bad, blame it on the theory that good can’t exist without bad or just man’s selfish nature, either way, getting the best of Los Angeles SEO includes demystifying some of the myths that are doing rounds on the internet and in your workplace as well. Listed below are 4 common SEO myths.

SEO Myths Demystified

SEO Myths Demystified

Myth #1. You do not need SEO services

Not only do SEO services help you save time and money, but they also come in handy especially when you don’t have a clue on how to go about optimizing your site. Even though there are a number of people convinced that SEO services are an unnecessary expense, you should keep in mind that better ranking and increased traffic leads to increased revenue. Still, not every Los Angeles SEO company is as good as the next, reason why you should place much emphasis on finding a reliable and reputable SEO company like this –


Myth #2. Keep updating your content and your site will automatically rank higher

As much as you would like this to be true, it isn’t and probably never will. Instead, you need to ensure that you site is getting a healthy serving of links from other websites. However, when it comes to link building, quality is better than quantity. Simply put, instead of trying to amass links from countless bloggers with little or no influence in your field of interest, it is much better to go for a powerful link from a reputable or rather popular site. Content creation is one thing and website marketing is another, make a point of updating your content regularly as well as building backlinks for your website.


Myth #3. Keyword stuffed content equals higher ranking

There was once a time when you could actually get away with spamming and even get a higher ranking for it. Well, times have changed and keyword stuffing is now considered a no-no. While keyword stuffing may work, the results will only be maintained for a short time after which you will notice a cataclysmic drop in your page ranking. Instead of flooding your content with your keywords, they should be strategically placed and woven in to the article such that they read naturally.

4 Los Angeles SEO Myths Demystified

4 Los Angeles SEO Myths Demystified

Myth #4. Competition can get you kicked out of search engines

Unless you are using blackhat SEO techniques, there is no way competition can get you kicked out of search engines. Los Angeles SEO provides a levelED field for everyone meaning you have as much opportunity to make it to the top as your competitor.

Some of you may swear by the myths mentioned above but just because something worked for someone else doesn’t automatically make it right for you.